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The ultimate health guide to surviving a festival

It’s the summer time, which means that there are festivals round every corner and you may be getting excited about the one that you’re due to attend. However, as fun as festivals may be, you do need to take some medical things into consideration before you attend to ensure that your health safety is your top priority.

This guide will take you though some things that you need to be wary of – and once you know this, you can look forward to having a fantastic time.


Sun protection

If you’re lucky enough to get nice weather at your festival, you will need to protect yourself against the sun. Suncream is an absolute must, as well as sunglasses and a sun hat. Not only this, but dehydration is a huge issue when you’re in the sun – and this can be made worse if you’re drinking alcohol. Make sure that you drink plenty of water in between other drinks, and stay in the shade as often as you can, particularly in the few hours surrounding the very middle of the day.


Consider your throat

When you’re cheering, singing and screaming for your favourite band, you may find that this will take a toll on your throat and lead to you having a sore throat during the course of the festival. To treat this, you can bring Difflam spray along with you for fast and effective sore throat relief, meaning that you can go straight back to enjoying your favourite music.


Stick to Goals

Whether you're looking to lose weight, give up smoking or are just trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, don't leave your goals at home! Festivals can be a tempting time to give in to carbs and other bad habits whilst enjoying the time away but you can resist if you have the will power and preparation. If you want to lose weight, remember to pre-pack healthy snacks and get dancing to the music, it's a great way of burning calories whilst having fun! Or if your goal is to stop smoking, stick to the non-smoking areas and join in on an early morning activity such as yoga or meditation to stop them pangs of temptation!


Take enough medication with you

If you’re on regular medication, you will not be able to get this from medics at the festival unless it is something that you can buy over the counter. This means that before you leave, you should make sure that you have everything that you need for the time you’re away, and also include a small kit of everyday medication that you might need, as well as packing things such as plasters in case you suffer any minor injuries.


Take care of your feet

Festivals can be very hard on your feet, as you’re likely to be walking around and standing for most of the day. You should make sure that you wear sensible and comfortable shoes, with socks, as this means that you’re less likely to suffer with blisters as a result of your shoes rubbing your feet.

By taking note of the above advice, you should find that you are able to take care of your health and enjoy the festival season. This is great, as it means that the only thing you will need to worry about is soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the music.



Date of preparation: July 2016