How to use EpiPen®

Using your EpiPen® is easy, especially if you practise using your trainer pen. Familiarise yourself with these simple steps and watch the demonstration video so you are clear about what to do in an emergency:

Lie down with your legs slightly elevated or sit up if breathing is difficult
Grasp your EpiPen® in your dominant hand with the blue safety cap closest to your thumb and remove cap

Step 3Hold your EpiPen® about 10cm away from your leg, swing and jab the orange tip into the upper outer thigh at a 90° angle. Hold in place for 10 seconds

Remove the EpiPen® and massage injection site for at least 10 seconds

Step 4You must dial 999, ask for an ambulance and state ‘anaphylaxis’ (pronounced ‘anna-fil-axis’) immediately after administering the EpiPen®. Do not get up, stay lying down or seated until you have been assessed by a paramedic

EpiPen Demonstration Video

Demo Video