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Welcome to the Patients EpiPen® Website

This website provides information to patients who have been prescribed EpiPen® for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis and to their families and carers.

The information provided here will help you to understand what anaphylaxis is, what causes anaphylaxis, and how to recognise the symptoms. It gives you guidance on how to manage anaphylaxis on a day to day basis and how to avoid a severe anaphylactic reaction.

This website explains all about your EpiPen®, when to use it and how to use it. A ‘How to use EpiPen® Demonstration Video’ can be viewed or downloaded to help you, friends, family and carers prepare how to use EpiPen® in the event of a medical emergency.


EpiPen® Expiry Alert Service

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Expiry Alert Service

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The EpiPen® Trainer Pen is easily distinguishable from the real auto-injector. The label clearly states "Training Device".

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Carry 2 EpiPen®
Wherever You Go

Always Carry Two EpiPen® People who have been prescribed an adrenaline auto-injector because of the risk of anaphylaxis should always carry two EpiPen® at all times.