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EpiPen® user guide

Guide to Using Your EpiPen® and Trainer Pen

Using your EpiPen® is easy, especially if you practise using your Trainer Pen. Familiarise yourself with these simple steps and watch the demonstration video so you are clear about what to do in an emergency.

There is no need to remove clothing to use your EpiPen®, but make sure the orange end will not hit buckles, zips, buttons or thick seams on your clothes.

To remove EpiPen® from the carry case. Flip open the lid on the carry case. Tip the carry case and slide the EpiPen® out of the carry case.

Lie down with your legs slightly elevated to keep your blood flowing or sit up if breathing is difficult.

Each EpiPen® can only be used once. If symptoms don’t improve, you can administer a second EpiPen® after 5-15 minutes.

Call ambulance

Stay lying down or seated and have someone stay with you until you have been assessed by a paramedic.

Unconscious patients should be placed in the recovery position.

Doctor on call

To reset the EpiPen® Trainer Pen

  1. Replace the blue safety cap.
  2. Place the orange tip on a hard surface, squeeze the sides of the orange tip and push down.

We recommend you use your EpiPen® Trainer Pen to demonstrate to carers, work colleagues, friends and family, so they are familiar with how to administer an EpiPen®.

Click here to watch EpiPen® Demonstration Video

Carry 2 EpiPen® Wherever You Go

National Guidelines - Always Carry Two EpiPen® People who have been prescribed an adrenaline auto-injector because of the risk of anaphylaxis should always carry two EpiPen® at all times.

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The EpiPen® Trainer Pen is easily distinguishable from the real auto-injector. The label clearly states "EpiPen® Trainer". Please email us at with your name and a UK delivery address to receive your training device.