Car keys, mobile phone, 2 EpiPen® in their cases and handbag


You wouldn't dream of leaving the house without your phone on you. Well, think of your EpiPen® in the same way and make sure it is always with you. Just in case you have an allergic reaction and need to act quickly.

** Keep the container in the outer carton in order to protect from light.

*How to use it…

Remove the blue safety cap.

Remember, blue to sky, orange to thigh

Hold the EpiPen® roughly 10cm away, with the orange tip pointing towards your outer thigh.

Jab the EpiPen® firmly into your outer thigh at a right angle.

Hold firmly for 3 seconds.

Dial 999

Ask for an ambulance and say 'anaphylaxis' (anna-fill-axis).

Free expiry alert service

Illustration of mobile phone

Sign up for our expiry alert service and receive free reminders by text or email when your EpiPen® is about to expire.