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Allergy questions answered

Dr Doyle is a member of the BSACI Primary Care Group in addition to being a full time GP in Jersey. He joined the BSACI and EAACI in 2010 after studying Allergy at Imperial College and St Mary's Hospital in London and completing a Certificate of Advanced Study in Allergic Medicine.

If you have any additional questions you can contact the Anaphylaxis Campaign helpline on 01252 542029 or email

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How does adrenaline work?

How will I know to use my AAI?

How should I store my AAI?

How and where do I inject?

Should I carry the instructions for my AAI?

What should I do with my AAI after use?

What happens if I administer my injector and I didn't need to?

Do I need to do checks on my AAIs?

Should I take anti-histamines too? If so, when?

Will my reactions get worse?

Will I outgrow my allergy?

My skin test was positive, but I don't react when I eat the food - why?

Does it make a difference if my asthma is bad?

Does alcohol effect a reaction?

Do I have to be careful when kissing?

Do I have to take my AAI everywhere?

I have a latex or a milk allergy, can I use condoms?