Packed school bag with 2 EpiPen® in their cases

How to use your EpiPen®

** Keep the container in the outer carton in order to protect from light.

You should familiarise yourself with the steps required to administer your EpiPen® and watch the demonstration video below so you are clear about what to do in an emergency. You can also order an EpiPen® Trainer so that you can practice the steps with your friends and family

There is no need to remove clothing to use your EpiPen®, but make sure the orange end will not hit buckles, zips, buttons or thick seams on your clothes.

Lie down with your legs slightly elevated to keep your blood flowing or sit up if breathing is difficult.

*EpiPen® explained...


Grasp the EpiPen® in your dominant hand and remove the blue safety cap. Remember, blue to the sky, orange to the thigh!

Illustration of safety cap removed from EpiPen®


Hold the EpiPen® at 90° approximately 10cm away, with the orange tip pointing towards your outer thigh.

Illustration showing 10cm distance between EpiPen® and outer thigh


Jab the EpiPen® firmly into your outer thigh at a right angle. Hold firmly for 3 seconds, before removing and safely discarding.

Illustration of EpiPen® being jabbed into outer thigh

4#  DIAL 999

Dial 999, ask for an ambulance and say
"anaphylaxis" (anna-fill-axis).

Illustration of mobile phone dialling 999

*Viewing window

Your EpiPen® must be replaced in line with the expiry date. In addition, check the EpiPen® regularly to make sure the solution is clear and colourless. If the solution becomes discoloured or contains particles it will need to be replaced, even if this occurs before the expiry date.

EpiPen® viewing window

*Needle cover

The needle cover extends after use, so the needle is covered both before and after use.

EpiPen® needle cover

*Flip top case

Designed for single handed opening. Always keep your EpiPen® in its case when not in use.

EpiPen® flip-top case

*How to use your EpiPen®

Watch how to use your EpiPen®

Free expiry alert service

Illustration of mobile phone

Sign up for our expiry alert service and receive free reminders by text or email when your EpiPen® is about to expire.


Car keys, mobile phone, 2 EpiPen® in their cases and handbag


You wouldn't dream of leaving the house without your phone on you. Well, think of your EpiPen® in the same way and make sure it is always with you. Just in case you have an allergic reaction and need to act quickly.

** Keep the container in the outer carton in order to protect from light.