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The EpiPen® must be replaced in line with the expiry date. In addition, check the EpiPen® regularly to make sure the solution is clear and colourless. If the solution becomes discoloured or contains particles it should be replaced.

Needle cover

This keeps the needle covered before and after use.

Flip top case

Designed for single-handed opening. The EpiPen® should be kept in its case when not in use.

How to use - instructions for patients
  1. Grasp EpiPen® auto-injector in dominant hand, with thumb closest to blue safety cap
  2. With the other hand pull off blue safety cap
  3. Hold the EpiPen® auto-injector at a distance of approximately 10 cm away from the outer thigh. The orange tip should point towards the outer thigh
  4. Jab firmly into the outer thigh, so that the EpiPen® auto-injector is at a right-angle (at a 90 degree angle) to the outer thigh
  5. Hold firmly in place for 3 seconds. The injection is now complete and the window of the auto-injector is obscured. The EpiPen® auto-injector should be removed (the orange needle cover will extend to cover needle) and safely discarded
  6. Call 999